Kuaishou establishes large-model team

During Kuaishou’s Q1 2023 earnings call, CEO Cheng Yixiao disclosed that the short-video platform has formed a large language model research and development team. With its expertise in AIGC algorithms and large-scale language models, Kuaishou is training its own large-scale models.

AI is a long-term opportunity and Cheng aims to build models to international standards. However, there are no specific plans for external release.

Kuaishou is experimenting with different modalities such as text, voice, images, video, and 3D graphics with a view to application in the short-video field.

Chat models can expand the boundaries of searches and provide better search summaries and question-answering through content generation.

AIGC can be used in assisting in storytelling, product description and images in e-commerce and AI-powered special effects.

AI can enhance Kuaishou’s understanding of short videos and live streaming, leading to better matches by the recommendation algorithm and improving recommendations.

Cheng emphasized Kuaishou’s commitment to actively seek opportunities to integrate models into business scenarios.