Xiaomi reinvests in automotive chips

Chips remain in short supply everywhere, but as the biggest importer of chips, China is particularly hard hit. Even leading chip makers have suffered declines in orders, but Xiaomi is still investing in them.

Pride Silicon, focused on automotive chips, completed a Pre-A round of financing with tens of millions of yuan, all the money coming from Xiaomi. The loot will be used in the development of in-vehicle network (CAN/Ethernet PHY) series chips.

In September 2021, Xiaomi invested in Black Sesame Technologies, which makes autonomous-driving chips Xiaomi’s first upstream chip investment.

Xiaomi has invested in battery companies including SVOLT Energy and CALB. Demand for automotive batteries also exceeds supply, but Xiaomi is more interested in battery materials, putting money into F&let, which specialized in electrolytes and core additives.