【Photos】Citizens step onto Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge as lockdown ends

Late night on April 7, residents stepped onto the bridgehead Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, awaiting the advent of midnight. he buildings along the river bank blazed with light at that moment. After 76 days of lockdown, Wuhan reopened on April 8.

All photos by LIU Haichuan

Edited by CAI Xingzhuo

At about 11pm on April 7, 2020, people begin to walk onto the bridge.
A delivery man waits by the road side. The delivery group has been on the go for more than 70 days, becoming the city’s basic supply line.
Wang Bin and his son. Wang is from Xianning in Hubei and works in Changde in Hunan, he is among those who depart on Arpil 8 as the lockdown of the city is lifted.
At midnight of April 8, 2020, the buildings on the opposite bank of the river will leave their lights on. A photographer sets up his digital camera to memorialize the moment.
A local resident is being interviewed by media. At this time, he is waiting to witness the ending moment of the lockdown under the Yangtze River Bridge. He is a state-owned enterprise retiree, who engaged in local volunteer work during the past two months.
Chinese characters “Ying Xiong Zhi Cheng”(literally meaning the City of Heroes)unfold on the LED screens of the high-rises opposite. The shouts of “I love you, Wuhan” ring out from communities under the bridge.
A woman taking selfies as the buildings along the river bank are lit up brightly. Disposable gloves, which used to be standing materials in this city, will act as a memento of Wuhan as well.
The illuminated Yellow Crane Tower presents its marvelous outline. This iconic building has recently shown up in Wuhan-related posters. In a sense, it represents the backbone of Wuhan spirit.
People have become accustomed to bowing their heads to avoid possible close contact with others.
A man capturing this scene with his mobile phone.
The light of Yellow Crane Tower.
A man stands alone on the bridge. Several unmanned aerial vehicles loiter in the air, and he looks up at them with a smile.