Alibaba’s Eddie Wu appoints 6 young sidekicks

Since taking over as CEO of Alibaba’s Taotian Group, Eddie Wu has launched a bold organizational restructuring with six young managers reporting directly to Wu.

The restructuring of Taotian, the unit which includes Taobao and Tmall, is one of Wu’s measures to support young talent who have gained experience and won recognition in their previous roles.

Taotian is also recruiting 2,000 graduates for roles around the country. The jobs will be based in at least six cities including Hangzhou and Shanghai.

Taobao and Tmall are the foundation of Alibaba's e-commerce, and Taotian’s importance is self-evident. 

After its competitor, Pinduoduo overtook Alibaba Group in terms of market value, Wu called on Alibaba employees to reshape the business with the determination to start a new business again.