Top investment funds cut holdings in

Two top institutions reduced their holdings in in the third quarter.

By WANG Xinting


Tiger Global Fund reduced its holdings of e-commerce giant by 11.2 million shares in Q3, while HHLR Advisors, a fund under Hillhouse Capital, reduced its holdings by nearly 2.2 million shares, according to US stock holding data.

Tiger’s total holdings in Q3 reached US$13.6 billion (98 billion yuan), a quarter-on-quarter growth of 13 percent. The company added nine new stocks to its portfolio, increased holdings in 16 stocks, reduced holdings in seven, and liquidated two positions.

Seven Chinese concept stocks feature in Tiger’s top 50 holdings. Among them, and online recruitment platform Kanzhun were both cut by more than half. Tiger’s hold in semiconductor company TSMC increased by 10 percent.

Among new stocks added to Tiger’s portfolio, more than US$130 million went on  Pinduoduo, with a similar amount spent on a slice of Alibaba, indicating some optimism about Chinese e-commerce. This stance is confused somewhat by the simultaneous dumping of

HHLR Advisors made substantial reductions across the board: Alibaba (US$107 million), Huazhu Hotels Group (US$55 million), (US$64 million), Ke Holdings (US$80 million), and Pinduoduo (US$81 million).

Specifically, HHLR Advisors reduced its holdings in by US$15 million - more than 80 percent - during Q3.

Investors have generally expressed pessimism about’s prospects this year, with the stock price halved year-to-date. In October alone, at least 7 institutions downgraded’s rating or target price.