Xiaomi showroom army prepares to avoid battle

Showroom managers must have had at least three years of experience in EV sales.

Photo by Kuang Da

Photo by Kuang Da

By LIU Jiaxin, YANG Shihan


Xiaomi Automobile has completed training for some city store managers, and with no cars to sell yet, monthly salaries are already 35,000 yuan (US$4,900). Supervisors and other sales positions will be filled in the new year.

Two and half years after making its first moves in the EV industry, The smartphone maker has approval from the Ministry of Industry and IT, and now faces almost no obstacles. CEO LEI Jun is merely waiting for the factory to come fully online.

The recruitment process is strict, with few progressing to the interview stage. Xiaomi is currently focusing on showroom managers, with a relatively small number of positions available. The company hopes to attract managers from other brands. Academic qualifications are not important prerequisite, but at least three years of experience is required.

Late to the market, Xiaomi has unique advantages in product development and marketing.

CFO LIN Shiwei said Xiaomi’s advantages are that the car project is not under financial pressure and a brand, store network and supply chain already in place.

Lei has spent 3.3 billion yuan on autonomous driving research. But in terms of sales channels, Xiaomi can sell cars directly without the need for significant investment, though showrooms are under construction everywhere.

The industry - where every price of new price information still generates market-wide upheavals - is eagerly awaiting news of how much the Xiaomi car is going to cost.

The best guess at the moment is that the car model will cost 300,000 yuan and that such a big ticket will keep the vehicle out of much of the unpleasantness that the price war has brought.

In September, Jiemian News reported that the Xiaomi car had entered trial production, producing about 50 test vehicles per week. Mass production will begin by the end of the year, sales start in February.

In addition to the first runabout, Xiaomi has plans for an SUV and extended-range EVs.