Dongguan's Aero Canard opens up high-end aircraft manufacturing in GBA

This is the first aircraft entirely conceived and manufactured in Dongguan.

Photo by Ge Zhenwei

Photo by Ge Zhenwei

By GE Zhenwei


Transcendent Aerospace Dongguan Ltd. has unveiled a propeller plane, the Aero Canard, in Dongguan, Guangdong Province.

The Greater Bay Area is home to various aircraft-related factories, ranging from interior components to precision parts and complete planes, but this is the first such aircraft entirely conceived and manufactured in the "workshop of the world."

The Aero Canard reaches speeds of up to 340 kilometers per hour with a range of 1,600 kilometers. The aircraft weighs a mere 590 kilograms, ensuring superior fuel efficiency and versatility across applications including tourism, rescue operations, and logistics. 

CHEN Lai, chairman of Transcendent, said the company holds IPR for the entire Aero Canard, which will be exported to the United States for around US$250,000 (1.8 million yuan). 

The company has overseas orders for 20 propeller planes. With ambitious goals, Transcendent aims to produce 400 jets, unmanned cargo planes, and general-purpose propeller planes each year.