Truck Rental introduces battery-swappable vehicle architecture for commercial vans

Truck Rental Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. has come up with vehicle architecture for battery-swappable commercial vehicles, with the first van to be released by JAC later this month.

Typical new energy commercial vehicles today come equipped with four batteries. Currently, battery swapping is focused on passenger cars and heavy trucks. The penetration rate for micro trucks, vans and mid-size trucks is only around 4 percent, while the penetration rate in domestic passenger cars is close to 28 percent.

Established in 2014, Truck Rental is one of the major domestic commercial-vehicle leasing platforms and in 2021 embarked on a transition to EVs. 

Truck Rental has developed standardized batteries compatible with over 20 battery-swappable models from automakers, including JAC and Geely. However, if automakers want to collaborate with Truck Rental, they must use the new architecture platform.

A battery swap takes less than 10 minutes. Currently, there are only 100 Truck Rental swap stations across the nation, with a target to reach 300 stations by year-end.