Former Xpeng boss pulls up at Aito launch

HE Liyang, the former VP of Xpeng Motors who resigned in May last year, is said to have joined Seres, and is now in charge of the Aito operation, an EV venture between Seres and Huawei.

Seres did not reply to Jiemian News’ inquiry for confirmation, but He was spotted at the launch of the Aito M7 on Tuesday.

Before quitting Xpeng, He looked after overseas business. In 2020, Norway became Xpeng’s first overseas market, but the locals were not impressed. Only some 100 Xpeng G3 were delivered that year in Norway, and less than 500 the following year.

Before joining Xpeng, He was with Huawei in Europe and VP of automobiles. He was among those who set up the deal between Huawei and Seres.

Seres Aito was first launched in 2021, with the M5 and M7. More than 75,000 were sold last year making Seres the fastest-growing EV brand in China. But this year, the performance withered with an estimated 33,000 sold in the first eight months.